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Open to full-time / part-time / freelance

Remote (≤ 2 time zones away from GMT)

👋 In a nutshell

We have a cool product and are looking to scale it. Looking for someone who’s not afraid to take the reigns and go.

Worry not, we’re a tight team and we’re constantly trying to optimize the team experience — comes with the job. Also, you’ll have Skoach as a buddy from day 1 to help you develop some key skills.

🤖 About Skoach

Do you know how many people feel like leaving their jobs? 40%!! 😬

And that means their minds are somewhere else, so their teams and companies hurt. What’s more, studies say that your direct team is the key driver for you to feel engaged and not like leaving (and consequently be productive).

So, we created Skoach to give each team a chance to have a great team experience.

It starts out as an engagement tool to assess how the team is feeling but comes with a virtual coach to improve those results!

We have happy clients and high engagement rates. Only YOU are missing.

Check this video to see how Skoach works:

🎯 Job to be done

Prospect list sourcing, verification
Sequence creation and optimization based on data
ABM: try to move us from 1 to many & segmented 1 to many or even 1 to few
Help with the positioning of product based on tested messages
Create commercial documents, like one-pagers, proposals
Document sales process

👊 What we look for

1-year experience in SaaS sales
Proficient English

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