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Curious about applying your tech skills in different domains? Planning and theory are important but the most value is in the execution? Are you passionate about your hobbies (your friends probably ask you to shut up already)? Geeking out with your colleagues and building Forth compilers for Gameboys sounds like fun?


Great, we think so too!


We are Reaktor, a company of developers, who are known for working together, having a thirst for new adventures, taking the quality of our craft (but not ourselves) very seriously, and we would like to meet you.

Our business is to make our clients succeed in technology, be it about automating beer brewing processes, scaling the streaming of popular TV shows to millions of concurrent users, refining global scale e-commerce services, or building 100kLOC JS codebases from scratch.


Reaktor was started when 5 developers joined their forces to create a great workplace for themselves. 20 years later those developers are still working at Reaktor, surrounded by 550 colleagues in Helsinki, Amsterdam, NYC, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Dubai… and soon Lisbon.

Main requirements

Technically speaking

  • We use the best tools for the job at hand. Sometimes it’s Clojure running in a Kubernetes cluster, and sometimes it’s a small piece of JS running on AWS Lambda. Sometimes tech is best solved with no code at all, but with talking to the right people.
  • Our juniors and seniors alike work on both the shiny and dirty bits of the codebase. No ivory tower architects here.
  • Some things we work with: Functional programming, state management, Node.js, Clojure, React, Swift, Kotlin SQL, NoSQL.


Nice to have

‍You also have:

  • Curiosity to apply your tech skills to different domains – from automated beer brewing apps to 100kLOC JS codebases.
  • Getting things done is what gives you energy. The best part of the day is when the code gets deployed to production, even if it’s not perfect yet.
  • You see colleagues and clients as individuals with their respective strengths and weaknesses.
  • We have no hard language or tech requirements, as we know that good developers can create great things in any language.


  • We are owned by our employees and have a track record of winning Best Place to Work competitions, shooting satellites into space, and solving un-common problems with common sense.

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