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WANTED! The best Recruitment Experts and Recruitment Managers of the Lisbon area.

For the position of TEACHER/ EXPERT at the European Recruitment Academy.

– Part-time –

The European Recruitment Academy is currently searching for a Recruitment Teacher.

Are you the influencer of the recruitment industry and are you always looking for better and smarter ways to recruit? Are you willing to share your knowledge? Do you know how to interact and transfer knowledge? And most important, do you believe that recruitment is a profession?

Please apply for the role of Expert in our Team.

But first, some trick questions…

1. Do you know what a “lead time” is in a recruitment cycle is?


2. Do you know the term “candidate experience”?


3. Do you know the term “Return on Investment (RoI)”?


4. Do you work with a vacancy intake?


5. Do you know the term “onboarding”?


6. Have you ever done any assessments?


7. Have you worked with competency-based interviewing / STARR?


8. Is more than 80% of your stakeholders satisfied with you?


9. Are all your candidates satisfied with you?


10. Do you believe recruitment = Marketing & Sales?


If you answered more than 8 times YES, please apply for the position.

If NOT, please apply as a student at the European Academy for Recruitment.

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