Python Developer

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We are looking to hire a highly skilled Engineer and with 3 years of experience Python developer.

We want to hire a programmer with experience, knowledgeable in object-oriented languages.

The role

  • Knowledgeable of the software development process
  • Deep knowledge of programming in Python
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Experience of using configuration management tools, mercurial kind, git, svn
  • Experience using testing tools, in particular nose, py.test, UnitTesting
  • Experience in the use of Scipy libraries, Numpy and Pandas
  • Experience in parallel processing, in particular with the multiprocessing library, Process class, Queue and Pool
  • Programming experience with the database interface
  • Interfaces for user development experience, aka GUI
  • Spark User Experience

The successful candidate will be integrated in team on multi project.

We forecast projects, classification and risk analysis using a variety of machine learning algorithms. We work with large amounts of financial, economic, meteorological data, and production.

Team members are actively encouraged to study the issues on which they have to do development, and seek critical capacity and pro-active in proposing solutions to the problems.

As an initial project aims to develop and integrate a kind BPM tool that enables an end user without any programming knowledge, the integration of several pre-built modules in Python graphically.

The successful candidate will be reporting directly to the CTO.

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