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With close to 2 Trillion in illegal trade on a global basis, legitimate businesses are hard pressed to find new ways to get noticed and sell their products worldwide., a leading blockchain-based global B2B e-Commerce platform is looking for Brand Ambassadors in countries all over the world.

This is a serious request for people who are well connected to mSME organizations, manufacturers, sellers and entrepreneurs who are looking to open markets and increase sales for the good of the businesses, families, and the communities they live in.

We know what we are looking for because we already have partners that have impressed us without even asking for anything in return…other than to increase the visibility of their countries capabilities and products. This is not a sales position. The Export Portal Brand Ambassador should be well-connected across various industries. You will impress us if you can put together a plan of attack for the country you reside in. We built over six years and already have 100 countries represented…But now we are looking for individual representation in all 190+ recognized countries around the world.

This job description is short, because this is a high-level position that can help bring about the fourth industrial revolution. If you understand this term, you already know what we are talking about and where we intend on going next.

Resumes, CVs and bios are great, but we want to hear how and why you are the right person for this opportunity.

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