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Would you like to join a dynamic startup and help us making the first steps into a new country? Skeeled, a growing company that develops innovative HR technology, is looking to expand its offices to Porto early 2017 (Job starts mid February). Today we enjoy the first big companies being our happy customers and that evidences to organise the next significant strategic steps for the future of our company.

Currently located in Luxembourg and Brussels, we looked into a potential new great spot in Europe to relocate our development team and we took the decision, to select the great city of Porto to open our third office. With a great variety of future talented engineers, a friendly business environment and the potential for us to offer our employees great living and working standards, Porto is the right spot.

It is a great and truly important step for skeeled, which makes the job of our Porto country manager a very essential part of the success to get our move organised, settle the company well abroad and manage the local duties at its most efficient way in the future.

We would be willing to pay a NET salary between 900€ and 1.400€ depending on how well your profile matches the requirements. However, our judgment will not be based just on experience, we also value a person that brings great personality and adaptability to the environment we currently established.


As stated in the description, the job brings a wide range of responsibilities, which you need to be able to put on your shoulders. It is a first critical point to estimate for yourself if you are ready for that. You’ll manage it all! A step into a foreign country means that the trust in the country manager is essential and communication between the offices (Luxembourg, Brussels and Porto) must be kept at any moment available. You might travel between countries too, which requires a certain flexibility that you should bring. We see the following responsibilities as part of the daily, weekly and monthly routine of our new country manager:

Run our business in Porto! As simple as that…

  • Monitor the execution of the agreed goals and strategies to ensure the team is on track and aligned with the entire company
  • Lead the communication and management of the tasks given by the headquarters and keep general strategic objectives accordingly. Take responsibilities if needed, but know how to approach and teach your ideas.
  • Lead, motivate and develop the team to achieve effectiveness
  • Manage the entire administration part of running the skeeled office & related administration and tax papers.
  • Manage the entire administration part regarding employees, salaries (incl. holidays, sick leave, etc.) and tax related invoicing.
  • Be constantly aware of governmental changes (in favor or not for skeeled)
  • Ensure legal & tax regulations.
  • Offer solutions and best practices for local ways of running business in Porto. By that we mean that you should gather knowledge constantly and make our business run in the best matter.
  • Convert the vision of a great work environment from the founders to the Porto offices.
  • Be a leader, a motivator and a listener. In our team everyone is on full power and we believe in the combined effort of the team as a whole, to be the key to success. Be able to follow this mentality.


Must Have:

  • Management or Project leader experience
  • High level in spoken and written English & Portuguese
  • Appropriate knowledge of the Portuguese law and tax situation
  • Excellent communication skills (written & verbal)
  • Being able to work autonomously and under pressure
  • Good background in either business or law. Both would be on the spot
  • Understanding the meaning of working in a startup
  • Understanding and able to estimate the responsibilities this job will bring!
  • Interpersonal skills: people management & leadership

Nice to have:

  • Experience in similar activities
  • References of people working with you
  • Knowledge of Porto
  • Experience abroad is a strong plus

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