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NetJets’ mission is to enhance the life of each Owner, one exceptional travel experience at a time. We focus on improving on-time performance and offering unparalleled access. We want to make each travel experience special and personalised. And attract and retain Owners.

The International Planning and Ground Services Specialist at NetJets Europe

The International Planning and Ground Services Specialist arranges and coordinates all land, overfly clearances, traffic rights and slots involved in all NetJets Europe flights, coordinating with the relevant Flight Centre Departments, in order to ensure that all flights are operated safely and efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements, ANAC, EU-OPS, ICAO regulations and company procedures.

Key responsibilities

  • Apply for and continuously control overflying and landing permissions, clearances and traffic rights for all necessary flights, to guarantee that landing and overflying permissions for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East are promptly obtained in due time prior to the departure of the flight
  • Apply for, coordinate and confirm fleet permits, landing and over flight permissions with foreign government authorities and customs clearances to ensure that all flights comply with airspace, traffic rights and airport regulations
  • Request, confirm and control all applications for airport slots outside the Primary Operations Zone, prior permissions, aircraft extension and fire and rescue category updated in order to ensure the safe operation of all international flights
  • Prepare flight quotations upon request, for all flights outside the Primary Operating Area (POA)
  • Prepare and maintain a flight folder for all flights requiring over flight or landing permissions to guarantee the most updated and accurate information
  • Ensure that fuel supply is available at airports that are not NetJets-contracted
  • Contact on a daily basis with Scheduling, Dispatch and Large Cabin Planning in order to ensure that all international flights are operated safely and efficiently
  • Request and confirm the slots and PPR for all NetJets flights to guarantee unparalleled airport access on schedule
  • Request Customs & Immigration clearances, extensions to airport hours and Fire and Rescue category upgrades, whenever necessary and under Slot area responsibility, to ensure that all conditions are fulfilled to ensure smooth operations
  • Secure the coordination and confirmation of slots/PPR to ensure that airports slots and permissions are timely and efficiently arranged
  • Maintain efficient relationship with internal departments and external agencies to ensure the timely application for PPR and allocation of airport slots

Who we are looking for

  • University degree in aviation is preferred
  • Knowledge of aviation industry
  • Knowledge of flight planning procedures and flight time limitations
  • Knowledge of the complexities of operating international flights

Careers at NetJets Europe

  • Today, NetJets is the world’s largest private jet company. But in the beginning, it was just another good idea. In between, the talents of our people made all the difference.
  • At NetJets we aim to provide a respectful and trusting accountable workplace that rewards achievement. We support our team members, both at work and in their community.
  • At NetJets Europe we offer an enriching and diverse environment, with continuous personal and professional development opportunities.
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